Saturday, 2 November 2013

Author Interview: Anamika Mishra

I got an opportunity to interview Anamika Mishra, author of 'Too Hard to Handle'. Let's get to know what her novel is all about before we start the interview :)

A Little about the novel
'Too Hard To Handle' tries to find out the answers for certain questions like what happens if you mess with the flow of life? What matters above all in a relationship ? What if you come to know something about your fiance/spouse which you thought never existed? And above all, can you really trust your best friend? 
'Too Hard To Handle' is story of Love, Friendship, Victory, Fate and LIFE.

Get to know Anamika
Anamika Mishra is a voracious reader, unbound traveller and an amateur photographer but writing is her first love. 

And here we go...

What inspired you to write a novel?
As a child, I use to read Charles Dickens, Enid Blyton, J. Spyri etc books. This novel is inspired from girls in their school & college life. They face betrayals, series of misunderstandings, making new friends, crushes, stupid decisions, till they find their soul mate. It is a story that every girl can connect with. 

How did you zero on the title? How many names did you come up with before you decided on “Too hard to handle”
I have a diary, where I write small phrases. When any phrase comes in my mind, I write it over there. Any phrase which makes me wonder -'This can be a book's title' I jot it there. It's a long list. So, while writing this book, I just opened that diary, read all of them & thought 'Too hard to handle' would be the perfect choice for this book. 

Do you face writer's block? How do you deal with it?
Yes!! I lot of times. I read a good book or talk a long walk with my Ipod. I think it's a perfect way to deal with Writer's block. 

How difficult was it to approach a publishing house with your manuscript?
Nothing is difficult when you have a good internet connection. I just searched good publishers in India on Google, accessed their websites & sent them the manuscript.  

Did you face any rejections? Or was your manuscript accepted at the first go? 
To tell you frankly, when at first I submitted the manuscript, it had some 35000 words. Publishers told me that they only consider manuscript which has minimum of 40,000 words. I re-wrote the novel in order to exceed this word-count. Then again sent it for evaluation & finally it was accepted. 

How do you create characters? Are they inspired from real life?
Yes they are. When you'll read the book you will find that there is similarity in between characters of the book & your life friends and surroundings. Characters in the novel are very common.

Describe, in one word, the feeling when you held the first copy of your book

And now my favorite part; a rapid fire round! 

The coolest nick name you ever had - Anni Belly

Dark chocolate or white chocolate - Dark chocolate

Favorite street food - Cheese vada pav

You are secretly scared of- Crossing the road alone ( Shhh... Don't tell this to anyone  :P)

That's all folks :)


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