Saturday, 14 January 2017

Watch out for this E Beer pub with delicious food in Andheri!

With mouth watering food, an e-beer hose, chic English décor and live DJ; Café Mojo, is the awesomest place to hang out after work in Andheri! My friend and I decided to spend our Sunday and we had an absolutely fabulous time! Believe me when I say it; it is one of its kind place in Mumbai.  

We decided to explore the place before hogging the scrumptious food on the menu. The Café was set into 3 areas: bar, lounge and rooftop sheesha lounge.  Now here is something unique about Café Mojo. They have a beer hose at every table. I discovered that the bar has a very unique system of e-beer. 

Although, a teetotaller, I was fascinated by the e-beer system. Café Mojo provides you with a rechargeable card which can be used to get food as well as drinks. The e-beer hose set up on your table pours out beer against the balance in the card and the best part is you pay for the quantity you pour out! This seems to be a great idea for all the “spirited” people out there.

A sneak peek into the world of Goli VadaPav with Venkatesh Iyer

Hey guys,

I hope you have read my review of ‘My Journey with VadaPav’ which I had posted a couple of days back. After reading it, I was buzzing with questions for Venkatesh Iyer and soon enough I got an opportunity to interview him. Hope you enjoy reading it. :)

What inspired you to write a book about your adventures of starting a one of its kind food venture in the country?

My motive behind the book was to inspire various entrepreneurs.
Goli has created many entrepreneurs in the due course of time because of its unique business model already. Today we have more than 300 franchise partners who have made ‘Goli’ an established and stronger brand.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Dr. Internet at your Service

We, millennials, are an odd breed indeed; we are constantly caught up in the middle of two warring generations. We know what it was like to live without technology and we fondly remember the days when we ran to our encyclopedias for reference. At the same time we were the first ones to master the Internet, help Mario find his princess, fall in love with Orkut and later embrace Facebook enthusiastically.

We understand the Internet and its limitations as well as appreciate what an invaluable resource it is. The Internet has taught us a lot, but is it always a trust worthy source of information? I think not. Especially when it comes to health. I am a self confessed hypochondriac and the teeniest of symptoms can make me run to the hundreds of medical websites offering free advice. Once, after consulting an unauthorized medical website, I was convinced that I was dying of a rare lung disease only to have my physician chortle with amusement as she informed me that all I had was a bad cough.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Magical Homes with

I once remember reading this, “A house is made of bricks and beams and a home is made of hopes and dreams.” This is one quote that has always stayed with me. I have always lived in a protected environment since my childhood but in the last few years things have changed. I have travelled so extensively across the country that I have lost count of the number of houses that I have bid goodbye. But no matter where I go, at the end of the day, all I love to do is return to the comfort of my home, sit on my favourite bean bag and demand a hot cuppa of chai.

My home has never looked the same through the years. My mom, an avid decorator, prefers to keep changing the look of our house every now and then. Yet, she manages to encapsulate all the emotions that we associate with it and at the same time manages to make our house look trendy.  Since she is such an expert on making houses beautiful, I have decided to ask her for her favourite place to shop and of course her simple home décor ideas :)

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

My Journey with Vada Pav: Book Review

Have you ever given the humble vada pav its due importance? It is a snack that is ready in minutes, it is mouth wateringly delicious and you can have it on the go. I must have had a million vada pavs in my lifetime yet I never paused to give it much importance. But there was one man, who saw its potential and who wanted to make the vada pav eating experience for millions of consumers more hygienic and tasty. My Journey with Vada Pav is a story one such man.

Monday, 19 December 2016

The 5 things we loved about the Absolut Enchanted Valley Carnival!

How do you describe music and camping under the stars in one word? Bliss! I am not exaggerating; Mumbai’s music scene is fast evolving and after attending the Global Citizen Festival in November I was looking forward to the Absolut Enchanted Valley Carnival. Sadly due to unforeseen circumstances (read: being bankrupt) I could not attend it but that does not mean we can’t enjoy these spectacular photographs telling us what the carnival was all about :)

1. Music, Music and more music!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

3 Things you must know for Soft and Beautiful Lips

Hey guys!

I know I have been MIA since the last few months and haven’t really put up new posts. I have a ton of pending reviews screaming at me from the drafts folder to complete them but sadly I haven’t been able to. I have made a resolution before that before we enter 2017, I will try to complete all my assigned tasks and then reward myself with something awesome!

If you are following me on Instagram, you must have seen the new lip products from Skin Café that I have been raving about! Before I get around to reviewing them for you, I wanted to share a few insights into what their brand stand for and bust a few myths about lip balms in general.

Women can conquer the world and lip products definitely help us along the way ;)

Being a lipproductholic, I, at any point of time, have at least 10 different types of lip balms that I like to use randomly and tons of lipstick which I adore. Which is why; some of these facts busted some of the myths that I have been holding on to!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Oriflame is my Santa Giveaway

Heya everybody,

My secret ambition in life is to be Santa Claus and spread joy and cheer by gifting people the things they love the most. Oriflame decided to aid my little dream and the both us are going to be Santa’s for 4 lucky winners!

What will we gift you? Check the contest image below to know the contents of the hampers!

Yep, a lipstick, a nail polish and 1 eye liner in each hamper!

Let’s get to know the rules!

Mandatory rules

1. Complete this sentence, “Oriflame is my Santa because….” In 20 words or less on the social media platform of your choice and tag Munniofalltrades and Oriflame so that we can read your entries

2. Like and Follow on Facebook :

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5. Share this contest with contest picture on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram tagging at least five friends and use the hashtag #OriflameIsMySanta and #Munniofalltrades across platforms. It will help us track your entries!

6. Leave comments on any blog post of your choice. Remember, the more you comment, the better are your chances of winning!

7. Don’t forget to comment below with your entry details J
The contest will run from 4th December to 18th December 2016 and is valid for Indian residents only. Oriflame will be dispatching the hampers to the winners!

All the best :D