Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Photo Walk around Mt Abu

Summer holidays during school days meant only one thing; a trip to Mount Abu! We would rush to get our student concessions on the railway ticket, pack our bags eagerly, carry a crate full juicy Alphonso’s and babble excitedly even as our mom would try to shush us to sleep in our berths. At the crack of dawn, Palanpur would arrive and mom would buy two matka rabdi’s for sis and me. The minute the train entered the railway platform, our eyes would frantically scan the blurry crowds to figure out where our mama (uncle) was. Surprisingly, every year he managed to stand right in front of the compartment when the train came to a halt.

One ice candy and another round of rabdi later, we would be bundled into the car and take a round and round journey from Abu road to Devi Cottage, the house where my Nanaji lives. Mama would stop on the way to buy some fish for me and I knew that Naniji would have already prepared my favourite dishes and pineapple Rasna that I so loved.

We visited the same place year after year, but somehow my excitement never abated. Mt Abu was a home away from home and I loved its idyllic ways. I even coined the term ‘God’s personal air conditioner’ to describe it (I was quite proud of this phrase as a kid) because even though it would be summer, I would require a blanket and a sweater to sleep comfortably while my cousins roamed around in shorts! They never failed to make fun of me. :)

It had been 8 long years since I visited Mt Abu. Board exams, college and then my job just did not give me an opportunity to visit. Yet when I boarded the train last March, I couldn’t help but feel excited again.

I had faint memories of the happy days that I spent in Mt Abu and this time I had a fancy camera to capture all the moments that I cherished.

I can say with a lot pride and conviction that I know Mt Abu better than most travellers and I would love to show you Mt Abu through my lens.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Alleppey Adventures

After spending idyllic days in Muhuma, the explorer bug in me kicked in and I wanted to experience Alleppey. Venice of the East, Allapuzha or Alleppey is approximately 16 km away from Muhuma and you can easily hop into the state transport buses that ply every 30 minutes or so.

So armed with camera, backpack and water, I decided to explore Alleppey on foot. On my list was the Mullakal Street which was famous for its silver jewellery, spices and beautiful temples and the Alleppey Beach.

Millenials, it’s time we voted!

“I would like to vote, I just don’t know who the right candidate is”

“I have an Aadhar card, a PAN card and even a passport. What do I need a voter id for? I don’t want to vote!”

“I don’t even what ward I am from and getting information is so complicated!”

I have heard and have even said variations of these statements at some or the other point of my life. But guys, the state election commission is listening to us and it has started taking steps be youth centric, transparent and accessible to all. They want to reach out and connect with us, to ensure that the elections witness a large and informed voter turnout as compared to the past; and has given us the power to ensure that the elections are fought freely.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

50 winners giveaway!

Hey guys,

Munni of all Trades is proud to be associated with The Total Holistic Centre (THC) and its author Manoj Jain for a huge giveaway! 50 of my amazing readers can win a surprise from the amazing author himself. Before we get to the giveaway rules, let us have a look at what THC is all about.

About The Total Holistic Centre

The THC, under a gibbous moon, is a gentle adult novel that deals with some everyday situations and other not-so-common problems. The three characters of the book visit a health farm to heal their physical ailments. There is Samar who hopes for a cure for impotence and an addiction to nicotine, Sanjaneka who suffers from arthritic osteoporosis and Varun who is depressed and an insomniac. The trio become friends at the THC and help each other heal and in their short stay, the need to learn that physical ailments are very often a by-product of deeper psychological trauma and that to cure themselves they must close the doors from the past and open new ones ahead. The author explores the mindset of people and everyday happenings in life.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Freshen Up Your Home

Aromas and scents are known to help soothe our minds and rejuvenate our senses. However, the modern room freshener as we know it today didn’t have a great beginning. As far as I can remember, air fresheners for homes invariably gave me a headache. Do you remember the days of those sickly sweet smelling strong fragrances? Ergh. Honestly, I would’ve vehemently protested to ban them forever had I been an adult.

Recently, something has made me change my very strong opinions. That’s the Godrej Aer range. With calmingly mild fragrances that appease the senses all day long, the current breed of  air freshener sprays are something special. So, if you are looking for a new fragrance to add a bit of magic to your life, read on to learn about my experience of three fragrance variants.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Watch out for this E Beer pub with delicious food in Andheri!

With mouth watering food, an e-beer hose, chic English décor and live DJ; Café Mojo, is the awesomest place to hang out after work in Andheri! My friend and I decided to spend our Sunday and we had an absolutely fabulous time! Believe me when I say it; it is one of its kind place in Mumbai.  

We decided to explore the place before hogging the scrumptious food on the menu. The Café was set into 3 areas: bar, lounge and rooftop sheesha lounge.  Now here is something unique about Café Mojo. They have a beer hose at every table. I discovered that the bar has a very unique system of e-beer. 

Although, a teetotaller, I was fascinated by the e-beer system. Café Mojo provides you with a rechargeable card which can be used to get food as well as drinks. The e-beer hose set up on your table pours out beer against the balance in the card and the best part is you pay for the quantity you pour out! This seems to be a great idea for all the “spirited” people out there.

A sneak peek into the world of Goli VadaPav with Venkatesh Iyer

Hey guys,

I hope you have read my review of ‘My Journey with VadaPav’ which I had posted a couple of days back. After reading it, I was buzzing with questions for Venkatesh Iyer and soon enough I got an opportunity to interview him. Hope you enjoy reading it. :)

What inspired you to write a book about your adventures of starting a one of its kind food venture in the country?

My motive behind the book was to inspire various entrepreneurs.
Goli has created many entrepreneurs in the due course of time because of its unique business model already. Today we have more than 300 franchise partners who have made ‘Goli’ an established and stronger brand.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Dr. Internet at your Service

We, millennials, are an odd breed indeed; we are constantly caught up in the middle of two warring generations. We know what it was like to live without technology and we fondly remember the days when we ran to our encyclopedias for reference. At the same time we were the first ones to master the Internet, help Mario find his princess, fall in love with Orkut and later embrace Facebook enthusiastically.

We understand the Internet and its limitations as well as appreciate what an invaluable resource it is. The Internet has taught us a lot, but is it always a trust worthy source of information? I think not. Especially when it comes to health. I am a self confessed hypochondriac and the teeniest of symptoms can make me run to the hundreds of medical websites offering free advice. Once, after consulting an unauthorized medical website, I was convinced that I was dying of a rare lung disease only to have my physician chortle with amusement as she informed me that all I had was a bad cough.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Magical Homes with MyIconicHome.com

I once remember reading this, “A house is made of bricks and beams and a home is made of hopes and dreams.” This is one quote that has always stayed with me. I have always lived in a protected environment since my childhood but in the last few years things have changed. I have travelled so extensively across the country that I have lost count of the number of houses that I have bid goodbye. But no matter where I go, at the end of the day, all I love to do is return to the comfort of my home, sit on my favourite bean bag and demand a hot cuppa of chai.

My home has never looked the same through the years. My mom, an avid decorator, prefers to keep changing the look of our house every now and then. Yet, she manages to encapsulate all the emotions that we associate with it and at the same time manages to make our house look trendy.  Since she is such an expert on making houses beautiful, I have decided to ask her for her favourite place to shop and of course her simple home décor ideas :)