Sunday, 4 December 2016

Oriflame is my Santa Giveaway

Heya everybody,

My secret ambition in life is to be Santa Claus and spread joy and cheer by gifting people the things they love the most. Oriflame decided to aid my little dream and the both us are going to be Santa’s for 4 lucky winners!

What will we gift you? Check the contest image below to know the contents of the hampers!

Yep, a lipstick, a nail polish and 1 eye liner in each hamper!

Let’s get to know the rules!

Mandatory rules

1. Complete this sentence, “Oriflame is my Santa because….” In 20 words or less on the social media platform of your choice and tag Munniofalltrades and Oriflame so that we can read your entries

2. Like and Follow on Facebook :

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5. Share this contest with contest picture on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram tagging at least five friends and use the hashtag #OriflameIsMySanta and #Munniofalltrades across platforms. It will help us track your entries!

6. Leave comments on any blog post of your choice. Remember, the more you comment, the better are your chances of winning!

7. Don’t forget to comment below with your entry details J
The contest will run from 4th December to 18th December 2016 and is valid for Indian residents only. Oriflame will be dispatching the hampers to the winners!

All the best :D

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Triple Diwali Dhamaka Giveaway with my favourite bloggers!

Hey guys,

The festival of light and delicious mithai is right around the corner and we (Shilpa, Jhilmil and I) would love to celebrate it with you guys by giving away 3 awesome Diwali hampers containing make up, beauty, skin care products and jewellery, too

Hamper 1 sponsored by Munni of all Trades

Sunday, 9 October 2016

When in doubt, wear denims!

Love is like Denims
It is always in

If given a chance, I would spend my days and nights in my favourite comfy denims. They make me look chic on my “fat” days when I feel bloated and make me feel fabulous with their figure hugging fit.  Buying denims is no easy task and the day you find ‘THE ONE’ that fits you like second skin, I say break the bank if you have to and invest in it.

I think I have gushed enough about my favourite piece of clothing and it is time I show you how I spent my Sunday afternoon with my denims. J

Tee and Jeans

Whenever I have to get ready in a hurry, I prefer wearing a plain black tee, pairing it with my denims, some kohl and pretty shoes. A perfect casual chic look for the day or night!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016 : Review

Diwali is just around the corner, along with the birthdays of my aunt and sister. This will be followed by Christmas and New Year. Do you know what this means? It means that I will end up spending every weekend hunting for the perfect present for my loved ones. I will have to run to the florist to place an order for a bouquet to be delivered at my aunt’s house and then to the local bakery to place an order for a fabulous fruitcake. All the remaining time will be spent worrying about the gift, which will bring a smile to her face. Phew…celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and everything in between can be tiring.  

To add a sense of calm to my frenzied gift buying, I decided to try out an online shopping website that is a solution to all the gift buying woes. Let’s explore the website together.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

The ABC of Life Insurance

The relationship between a life insurance institution and an individual is more than just a customer-agent association. It is a caring bond of friendship for life where one is kept informed, prepared, and secured in times when you most need it. Putting my trust in a company is probably one of the most difficult decisions that I have ever made. To ensure that I have a bright and secure future, I came up with a simple 3 step process which helped me choose wisely. Hope you find it useful, too.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Freedom from Dampness

“Tip Tip barse pani” may be a romantic song but you feel nothing but anger when that drop of water falls on you the moment you are about to fall asleep. Water dripping from the ceiling can be a major source of embarrassment while entertaining guests and it can also be the cause of frequent illnesses in your house.

Water leakages at home are not just confined to the monsoons. You can experience them throughout the year and they can be anything from a minor annoyance to a major concern. Dripping ceilings, mold infested damp walls and peeling paint are three signs that scream that all is not well in your house.
We Indians love jugaad and sometimes in order to save money, we end up fixing our houses partially thinking that we will invest in waterproofing in the near future. Sadly, this near future never comes.  That is why; it is essential to know why we need Freedom from Dampness right away.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Freedom to Sleep with SOFY Bodyfit Overnight

I must have been 7 years old when I first read that famed fable, Sleeping Beauty. It stroked my dreams and imaginations of my prince charming to newer heights. I needn’t have to work hard as Cinderella or get banished from a kingdom like Snow White. All I had to do was to sleep. Sleep pretty and look like an angel. Getting a Prince Charming was easy now for all you had to do was sleep. And he did appear in my dreams for 5 long years until that fateful day when my periods started.